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tony burt singer songwriterThis category is where you will find background information on songs, mostly those written and/or performed by Tony Burt.

Get the inside story on what prompted them, maybe hints at the meaning of some of the mysteries contained in the song. What events triggered the creation of the song? What is most meaningful to the author?

You’ll also find lyric sheets and recordings. Some of these are rare to the point of never having been made available before or since finding their way onto this blog.

Most songs are available to download in high quality mp3 format for free. You can also hear lots of Tony’s songs on Soundcloud.

The Path You Chose – A Song by Tony Burt

tony burt

There’s a bit of a story about this song as it resulted from a songwriting technique I learned from Christine Collister in 2013 at Moniack Mhor near Loch Ness. I was attending my first ever songwriting workshop and Steve Tilston and Christine were our guides. Steve concentrated on the musical side of things and Christine […]

Turn To Grey : A Song by Tony Burt

tony burt turn to grey

Here’s a song for the coming season. I find a lot of my songs refer to the seasons or weather ¬†or the passing of time. I guess they are classic topics for both songs and poems so shouldn’t really be surprised. Between 1973 and 2005 I only wrote two songs although I was busy making […]