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tony burt singer songwriterThis category is where you will find background information on songs, mostly those written and/or performed by Tony Burt.

Get the inside story on what prompted them, maybe hints at the meaning of some of the mysteries contained in the song. What events triggered the creation of the song? What is most meaningful to the author?

You’ll also find lyric sheets and recordings. Some of these are rare to the point of never having been made available before or since finding their way onto this blog.

Most songs are available to download in high quality mp3 format for free. You can also hear lots of Tony’s songs on Soundcloud.

Rock Me In Your Arms

tony burt

Sometimes I will write a song with a different well known song as its starting point. I don’t mean copying it or ripping it off in any way but more so taking inspiration from it. Those of you who know my song “Marching On” may not be entirely surprised to learn it was prompted by […]

Five String Hammer – by Monica Shepherd and Tony Burt

five string hammer

Five String Hammer was written in June 2017 at Halsway Manor in Somerset by Monica Shepherd and Tony Burt. It’s an interesting example of a co-written song so I’ll try to give a bit of insight of how it came about. I’d never written a song with another person until I started attending songwriting workshops […]

Farewell To The Shanty Man

Early in September 2015 my good friend John Taylor suddenly died. I’d first met John when playing cricket against him, probably in the 80s or maybe early 90s. We quickly established we both had a passion for folk music and so met often at clubs and sessions. He was a terrific singer of sea shanties […]