Turn To Grey : A Song by Tony Burt

tony burt turn to greyHere’s a song for the coming season. I find a lot of my songs refer to the seasons or weather  or the passing of time. I guess they are classic topics for both songs and poems so shouldn’t really be surprised.

Between 1973 and 2005 I only wrote two songs although I was busy making music. I had just lost the need or the will to create my own stuff. I moved full time to Bromyard in 2004 and it didn’t take me long to get writing. I think it was a case of “Fresh Start Syndrome” and I’ve been reasonably consistent in writing songs ever since.

As best I can recall “Turn To Grey” was the second song I wrote in this new phase; the first being “Beam Of Blackness” of which more another day.

You can find an early version on the 2006 album “Looking For The Real Thing” but this version was recorded by the late and much missed John Acock in Bromyard in 2012.

Turn To Grey by Tony Burt

Night’s drawing in, and the temperature’s falling, the birds they circle then fly away
Where once there was sunshine now there’s mist forming, gold has turned to grey

The sky that was bright is now sullen and steely, there’s nothing that makes you want to stay
Your breathing’s slow and your eyelids hang heavy, blue has turned to grey

We’ll find a paintbox that holds every colour, a colour’s a feeling, a mood they say
We’ll put the colours back into the picture, we’ll turn them back from grey

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore the future, the past’s always with us, it won’t go away
But colours fade except in the telling, my memories turn to grey


I talk of times when my future was longer than the past I remembered in other days
But memories they fade, especially in the telling, my stories turn to grey


© Tony Burt 2011-2017. All Rights Reserved.


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