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tony burtTony Burt bought his first guitar and started playing an singing way back in 1966. Now he has passed 50 years of singing, playing and composing and is still going strong.

He plays guitar, mandola, mandolin, 5 string banjo and harmonica and can sing all styles from sea shanties to rock’n’roll.

He is a prolific songwriter with a wide range of styles. An unusually high proportion of his songs do however have extremely singable choruses.

As well as performing solo he has also been part of several bands starting with Pig’n’Wissul and moving on through Trilogy, Witches Brew, Dempsey’s Lot and currently the Tony Burt Band.

The posts in this section of the blog retell many old stories from tony’s past and a few from the present too.

18th November

pete bath's birthday

Today is the 18th November and is the birthday of my good friend Pete Bath. It’s not so much that Pete’s birthday means so very much to me, though I wish him the very best, but what tended to happen in my life on his birthday. I met Pete in September 1970 when he left […]