The following videos were recorded in September 2013 at the Crown and Sceptre in Bromyard as part of the Festival Fringe.

This was just a month after the band was formed and, as well as John Davis on bass and Allyson Craigan on violin, we were joined on some numbers by Aly May on whistle and Sally Stamford on backing vocals.

Beam of Darkness (Tony Burt)
Written in 2007 after a fascinating week long course gaining my NLP Practioner certificate. Having learned a lot about the sub-conscious guess I felt I should peer into my own.

Silence of the Breeze (Tony Burt)
Written during a songwriting retreat at Moniack Mhor near Loch Ness in July 2013. Imagination running overtime prompted by the quietness and isolation of this wonderful place.

Devil’s Diamond (Tony Burt)
An early song. Written back in the 90’s after watching an Indiana Jones movie with the kids. The “Devil’s Diamond” obviously represents perseverance to the point of defying logic.