The Path You Chose – A Song by Tony Burt

tony burt

There’s a bit of a story about this song as it resulted from a songwriting technique I learned from Christine Collister in 2013 at Moniack Mhor near Loch Ness. I was attending my first ever songwriting workshop and Steve Tilston and Christine were our guides. Steve concentrated on the musical side of things and Christine […]

Turn To Grey : A Song by Tony Burt

tony burt turn to grey

Here’s a song for the coming season. I find a lot of my songs refer to the seasons or weather  or the passing of time. I guess they are classic topics for both songs and poems so shouldn’t really be surprised. Between 1973 and 2005 I only wrote two songs although I was busy making […]

Rock Me In Your Arms

tony burt

Sometimes I will write a song with a different well known song as its starting point. I don’t mean copying it or ripping it off in any way but more so taking inspiration from it. Those of you who know my song “Marching On” may not be entirely surprised to learn it was prompted by […]

Five String Hammer – by Monica Shepherd and Tony Burt

five string hammer

Five String Hammer was written in June 2017 at Halsway Manor in Somerset by Monica Shepherd and Tony Burt. It’s an interesting example of a co-written song so I’ll try to give a bit of insight of how it came about. I’d never written a song with another person until I started attending songwriting workshops […]